side mirror of car adjusted to view traffic at night

Car Mirror Adjustment- Are You Doing it Right?

“The other car was in my blind spot!” is something heard frequently when discussing lane change or merge crashes. Knowing how to adjust and use mirrors is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent this type of crash. Drivers are now becoming more accustomed to – and rely upon – technology to…
Texting and driving is dangerous, which is why we wanted to highlight this article sharing some of the repercussions you could face.

Peekaboo, We See You: Don’t Drive and Text

Almost every state across the nation has some kind of law on texting while driving. Drivers know texting in the car isn’t safe and can lead to fines or jail time if they’re caught, but many have continued to do so. But they’re not fooling anyone as it’s easy to spot. Police Bird’s-Eye View Police…