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Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. was founded in 1912. Located in Rochester Hills Michigan, we are one of the largest independent property-casualty insurance agencies in Southeast Michigan, producing innovative results for over 5,000 individuals and businesses every year.

Our dedication to the highest standards of ethics and integrity is the foundation with which Allied Insurance Managers achieves its goals. Our reputation can be reflected in the companies we have come to represent. Each company is of sound character with secure financial positions within our industry, as well as the highest ratings from A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poors.

Our History

Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. history dates all the way back to 1912.  Then called Beaver Realty, the company got its start in the famous Penobscot building in Detroit, MI.  Over the next 75 years, the company would flourish under the Beaver Realty name as a top independent insurance agent for Southeast Michigan.

After 75 years of success a group of young underwriters made a decision to develop a new type of Independent Agency.  Ron Kosmal (Royal Insurance Company & Kemper), Paul Murad (Royal Insurance Company & Citizens), John Kelsey (Buckeye Union & Continental Insurance) along with Lou Thurau and Dave Thurau from Beaver Realty worked for over a year to design an agency structure that would become a model for service and culture.

Brought together with a common goal, the five men opened the Allied Insurance Managers offices in May of 1987 on Rochester Rd. in Troy, MI.  The business would be built on the cornerstones of Family, Leadership, Risk Management and Continuity.  Starting from the ground floor the company immediately set a new standard for excellence and in just 7 years grew out of its humble beginnings.

Moving up to Rochester Hills, MI the agency would see the retirement of both Lou Thurau and John Kelsey.  The agencies growth forced another building move to the current location.

In 2010, after close to 14 years employed by the agency, Jayson Bass would become the third partner of Allied Insurance Managers.  His new energy to the management group would see the addition of 5 new account executives and a new era of growth.

In 2018 the agency was successfully transitioned internally to five like-minded members. Remaining privately owned has become a key competitive advantage in the new world of consolidation and reorganization.

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